A Guide to Different Hair Removal Techniques

A Guide to Different Hair Removal Techniques

Women can’t do without removing body hair. Be it the eyebrows, the upper lip or legs, they get unwanted hair removed at regular intervals. But different techniques have different outcomes. You need to use the best body hair removal techniques to get the most desired outcome.

Body hair removal used to be a female fad – until recently. Now, even men are willing to get rid of excess body hair. Nevertheless, the areas of undesired hair growth are different for men and women. While women tend to get rid of hair on the face, upper lip, eyebrows, legs, hands et al, men like to remove excess hair on the back, chest etc. Most often men and women use the same types of hair removal techniques. Different techniques have a different outcome. While the choices are many, the most desired outcome depends on the best body hair removal technique.


If you shave with a razor, it will cut the hair at the skin level. Though this is the most common technique of hair removal, if you adopt this technique, you will see that the hair re-grows within 2 to 3 days. It also entails a risk of razor burn or after-shave irritation. However, if you use a shaving cream or a soap and shave with sharp blades, you can prevent razor burns to a large extent. Shaving is also the most inexpensive way of hair removal. Nevertheless, if you want to get rid of excess body hair, shaving can hardly be the best body hair removal technique.

Hair removal creams

Many women use hair removal creams. These creams are considered to be one the best body hair removal methods. These creams contain chemicals which break down the hair within 5 to 10 minutes of application. So you can remove the cream with a towel or a scraper 5 to 10 minutes after its application. If you adopt this technique you can go hairless for about one week. However, it is to be borne in mind that the chemicals present in these creams are strong. They can act as allergens for your skin. It is necessary to do a patch test before regular application. A patch test will help you understand if the cream has any harmful effect on the skin or not.


Waxing is a common hair removal technique for women. In this technique, the wax is used to remove the hair from the root. It involves the application of warm wax over the area from where the hair is to be removed. After the wax is applied, a strip of special paper is used to remove the wax. As the wax solidifies, the hair gets stuck to it. As you pull the paper from your skin, the hair comes out along with the wax. Though you suffer few seconds of pain during the process, this is one of the best body hair removal techniques. The biggest advantage of this technique is that you can stay hairless for around two weeks. Moreover, when it regrows it does not grow like a stubble. It is more like a slender form of stubble. This makes the regrown hair less obvious compared to shaving. The one explicit problem with this technique is that you have to let your body hair grow to such an extent that it can be pulled out.


In this technique, a short blast of electric current is used to remove hair. The current is delivered into the follicles of hair with the help of a needle. It results in permanent hair removal after a few sessions. It is useful for any type of hair and skin. Moreover, with this technique, you can remove hair permanently. However, you may have to undergo few sessions of it. The main advantage of this technique is that you can become permanently hairless. But this is a risky process. It can be the best body hair removal technique for you if done by a professional. You should never try to do it on your own.