All You Need to Know about Cricket Cell Phones

All You Need to Know about Cricket Cell Phones

The best prepaid wireless service provider in the country is Cricket Wireless. It started its business in the year 1999. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cricket Wireless started with its network being aimed at rural markets. In the year 2007, it launched Wireless Broadband Service and used code division multiple access (CDMA) as a communication technique. Cricket Wireless offers voice, text, and data services for its cell phones.

In 2010, Cricket Wireless introduced Cricket Navigator, which is a GPS application. It was then when Cricket Cell Phone became a leader in the market.

AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless in the year 2013. In the year 2014, they started their GSM (Global System for Mobile) service. In this year, Cricket Wireless ended their CDMA service.

In 2015, Cricket Wireless included iPhone availability on its network. The greatest benefit Cricket Wireless offered is their protection insurance plan. Subscribers get insured against damage due to physical impact or water, loss, and pilferage.

Which network does Cricket Wireless use?

In 2014, Cricket Wireless began GSM operation. They closed their CDMA network. The spectrum was re-engineered. It now worked on AT&T HSPA+ (High-Speed Packet Access) and LTE (Long-term Evolution Network). Cricket Wireless marketed devices that use 3G (Third Generation) and 4G (Fourth Generation) networks. They then marketed 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long-term Evolution) networks. This network is of AT&T. LTE is a type of 4G that delivers the fastest speed. This speed is up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Cricket Cell Phone Services

Under one roof, you will get the following services from Cricket cell phones:

-Cell phones of all reputed brands at their store.
-Accessories for cell phones.
-Cricket cell phone has a wide cellular coverage across the nation. It is also known to be reliable. You will get affordable prepaid cellular rates with no yearly rental. Cricket has more 4G LTE coverage than its competitors MetroPCS, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
-Cricket Wireless users on certain plans can roam in Mexico and Canada, and incur no extra costs.

Cell Phones at Cricket Cell Phone Stores

The following smartphones are available at Cricket cell phone stores:

-LG Fortune, Harmony X charge, Stylo 3, Risio, Spree models
-Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime & Prime 2, Galaxy Halo 16GB & 32GB, Sol, Galaxy S7 & S8
-ZTE Overture, Sonata and Blade X
-Alcatel Verso, Pulsemix, Streak, One Touch Idol 3, 4 & 5
-Apple iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus,7 32GB, 7 Plus 32GB, 8 of 64GB & 256GB, 8 Plus, X 64GB & 256 GB 64GB & 256GB
-HTC Desire 625, Desire 555, 520
Basic cell phones such as Alcatel, QUICKFLIP, and LG True are also available.

Cricket cell phone has an exchange policy too. You have to bring your old phone and get a discount when buying a new phone.

Accessories for Cell Phones at Cricket Cell Phone Stores

A wide variety of cell phones accessories are available at Cricket Cell Phone stores:

-Cases for cell phones
-Headsets with microphone
-Wireless portable wireless speakers
-Tempered glass and screen protectors
-Bluetooth stereo headsets of LG
-Universal car mounts
-Ultra dual flash drives
-Wall chargers and car chargers
-Lightning data and charging cable
-Micro SDHC memory cards
-Cell Phone Plans at Cricket Cell Phone

Cricket cell phone offers affordable plans for talk and text plus data access:

-Only talk and text at $ 25 per month
-Unlimited talk time and 2GB & 5GB high-speed data at $30 and $ 40 per month, respectively
-Download speed of 8 Mbps
-Cricket Unlimited with speed 3 Mbps at $ 55 per month
-Unlimited high-speed data at $60 per month.

You may like to include friends or family members in the rate plans. With the “group save” plan, you can save money when you include 2-5 lines on your mobile account. The saving goes up to $ 70 per month for 5 lines.